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HVAC Installation in the Chicago Area

Having a reliable, efficient HVAC system is crucial for life in the Midwest. In the summer, you need air conditioning to keep your family or your customers comfortable, and in the winter a working furnace or other heating system is essential to protect your home and your investment. If your home or business needs the HVAC system replaced or if you have a newly built property that is in need of an HVAC system, you can count on zapeecee.ru to provide professional installation of a quality, reliable HVAC system. We are proud to offer industry-leading Bryant equipment, ensuring you have a reliable system that will provide efficient service for years.

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Understanding the HVAC Installation Process

Before we install any HVAC system or HVAC system component, we take the time to analyze your home or business to determine your exact needs and energy consumption footprint. Our goal in this process is to use the right sizing methods to ensure accuracy and to choose a system that is as efficient as possible for your home. With zapeecee.ru, you can move forward with confidence, knowing your HVAC system will fit your home perfectly.

Installation of Your HVAC System

Once we’ve chosen that system that will best fit your home, we go to work installing the ductwork, heating system, and cooling system. If you’re having your system installed in a new home, we will perform a measure-and-draw walk through to ensure the air distribution system will conform to the plans and specifications we set forth. If we are installing a system in a home with an existing system, we will inspect your ductwork and make any adjustments necessary to ensure proper performance of the system we install.

Air Conditioner Installation

Summertime is not complete without a cooling system. Make sure the best air conditioner is installed in your home and schedule services with a trusted HVAC technician. Your contractor will run a complete set of calculations according to ACCA Manual J standards to establish the cooling load requirements for each room in the building.

Manual J accounts for a wide variety of structural elements as it determines the precise equipment capacity requirements. Among these include:

  • Home or building size
  • Local climate history
  • Insulation R-values for walls and ceilings
  • Perimeter tightness
  • K-value of doors and windows
  • Total duct leakage
  • Occupant generated loads

After we inspect the above, we then choose a new Bryant air conditioner that fits all of your needs. Bryant is an industry leading HVAC company that manufacturers top of the line equipment that works efficiently and safely.

Heating Installation

When it comes to installing a heating system, it’s important to make sure you let a true expert perform the service. A successful oil and gas furnace installation always begins by determining the appropriate capacity for the appliance. Comprehensive load calculations are run on each individual room to establish the amount of heat energy that is required to meet the thermostat call in the most extreme conditions. At zapeecee.ru, our skilled installers will place the equipment, make appropriate adjustments, and test the system to ensure it is performing to design parameters. From our point of view, a heating installation is never finished until the customer is completely satisfied.

Crystal Club Maintenance Plans

Once we install your HVAC unit, be sure to sign on to the Crystal Club Maintenance Plan! In order to keep the manufacturer warranty, an annual inspection is crucial. Maintenance ensures your unit is ready for the season ahead, is clean, and is safe for use.

Because we strongly believe that your HVAC unit should be inspected once per year, we have a whole membership program which brings discounts and special services to those who join. When you are a member of our Crystal Club, you can benefit form:

  • Pre-scheduled heating and cooling tune-ups
  • Discounts on repairs
  • Discounts on duct cleaning and sealing service
  • Waived holiday and after hour fees
  • Priority scheduling
  • And more!

Don’t let your brand new unit go without maintenance. Sign up for our Crystal Club today!

Trust zapeecee.ru for HVAC Installation in the Houston, TX Area!

The team at zapeecee.ru serves the Barrington, Houston, and Crystal Lake areas. Our comprehensive list of services, including HVAC installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance ensures your comfort all year long.

If you are ready to schedule installation service, contact zapeecee.ru today. We look forward to helping make your home a more comfortable place!

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